If you have landed on this page because of Google-stop. You’re done searching for your yacht broker. I can’t imagine a more dedicated, knowledgeable, and kind broker than John Kuony. Once John understood what we wanted in a sailboat, he helped us find a great boat for our family. Without him, we would still be searching. Even though the sale has closed, he continues to be a wonderful resource and is happy to provide guidance and expertise. John is always happy to take our calls. I can’t imagine buying or selling a boat without John!

Molly and Chris Kapsner
Owners, Caliber 40 LRC

I first met John at the Sail Pacific Boat show in 2013. He was showing a 54 foot Hylas. It was a beautiful boat, and certainly a boat and design I admired. At the time I had never owned a sailboat. I had completed a number of the US Sailing courses from OCSC in Berkeley, and I had chartered a sloop in the BVI’s. I was clearly a novice. Despite my obvious ignorance, John graciously showed Teresa my wife, and I about the Hylas. There was a line waiting to board with actual qualified buyers and knowledgeable sailors. John never the less was unhurried in his approach, explaining the boats attributes in a way Teresa and I could comprehend. He was patient, and extremely knowledgeable about the Hylas and sailing in general. Most of all he was kind, and made Teresa and I feel comfortable, and welcome.

Two years later, 2015, Teresa and I had decided it was time to think about buying a sailboat. We lived in Redding California. I decided to drive 3 hours to Alameda to check out a 36 foot Jeanneau (or there about). By coincidence the salesperson was John. He had two models side by side. The 2nd model was a Jeanneau 409. We we went through both with John exhibiting the same patients, and expertise as before. Trying to make up our minds, my wife came down to Alameda a couple of days latter by herself. Teresa at the time had limited sailing experience and training. John made her feel extremely comfortable and again made her feel like a valued customer. She fell in love with the 409 and we started the process of purchasing the yacht.

Never before purchasing a sailboat, I had no idea of the process. John counseled me on what to anticipate, and arranged excellent individuals to perform the various inspections. In fact during my time in Alameda we continued to use the mechanic that did the engine inspection, as well as the Rigger. They were both meticulous outstanding professionals. John orchestrated the entire process in a painless, efficient manner. Moverover, he and his office helped me get a slip at a fantastic marina.

Over the next several years John gave me invaluable information, and tutelage regarding everything from maintenance, to maneuvering, and even what to do in a crash! His contacts, and recommendations of available services have been spot on. Bottom line is his knowledge, expertise, demeanor, patience, humor, and most of all concern helped make purchasing and owning a sailboat an enjoyable experience. I consider him my friend.

Steve Struve
Owner, Jeanneau 409

John has exceptional knowledge and expertise which he applies to each situation in a personalized manner.  As an extremely experienced sailor, his knowledge is not just text book but very real world. I feel fortunate to have John's guidance.

Paul Eisenhardt
Owner, Sabre 362

The “best” hands down! John knows his stuff and he’s a real gentleman with a kind soul. We put our trust in John to help us buy and then sadly sell our beautiful sailboat years later when we relocated overseas. We would do it all over again.

Barry and Peggy Corlett
Owners, Jeanneau 45 SO

Buying or selling a boat or yacht can be stressful and exciting at the same time. I was fortunate to have John Kuony at my side before, during and after engaging in that process, and could not recommend anyone better. I first met John in 2010 while gazing at a 42’ Jeanneau DS from over the railing at Jack London Square. Although the boat show had not yet opened for the day, John invited me down to take a look. John knows his yachts and he made it his goal to learn as much about my needs before guiding me toward the perfect yacht. What I gained through my initial meeting with John was not only a great purchasing experience, expert yacht consultant and continuing resource, but more importantly, a life long friend.

David Cherniss
Owner, Jeanneau 42DS

I met John Kuony in 2007 in San Francisco as I started my search for my first sailboat.  I knew nothing other than the basics learned in 3 sailing certifications at a local sailing school.  I feel extremely fortunate to have benefited from John’s many decades of sailing experience.  John held my hand (metaphorically) through the entire process from selecting new vs used, make, length and features.  We ended up with the perfect boat for a beginner a new 2007 Jeanneau 39i.  Purchasing the boat was only the beginning, John continued to provide constant support after the sale. John actually spent hours with me at West Marine to help select every item I would need to outfit the boat and start sailing.  John frequently organized trips to Santa Cruz and was “always” available to answer sailing questions.  John also helped me sell the boat 4 years later and remains a friend today and I expect for many years to come.  I “may” be getting the sailing bug again and would NEVER consider reaching out to anyone other than John for help. 

Don Ellis
Owner, Jeanneau 39i

I have purchased two sailboats through John and I have experienced excellent professional service on both occasions. The first time a used Hunter 320 in 2006 and more recently a new 2019 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419. John was incredibly helpful with navigating the options prior to placing the order and kept me informed during the long building process. His knowledge of sailing and of my own sailing preferences was instrumental in the delivery of a boat that meets my needs for San Francisco Bay and the California Coast. He made himself available after the delivery to help with a variety of issues that will inevitably arise for any sailor becoming acquainted with their new boat. John is very detail oriented and he will identify issues that many would overlook.

John Kuony has my highest recommendation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy yacht salesman and fellow sailor. You will find no one better at their profession than him.

Timothy A Carlton MD, FACC

Tim and Toni Carlton
Owners, Jeanneau 419

In early 2018 my wife and I worked with John as our buyers broker to purchase a Hylas 54.  John had been recommended to us by amutual friend and previous client of John's, and it turned out to be a very good recommendation. 

My wife and I are lifelong sailors, but we had limited cruising experience, and we were purchasing a sailboat with the intent of cruising Canada, the US West Coast and Mexico.  John was extremely helpful guiding us through the purchase process, and helping us evaluate the pros and cons of the various boats we were considering.  John has a wealth of cruising experience, and we found his insights into boat design features quite useful.  Once we settled on the boat, he was excellent helping us negotiate a good deal. John is a good communicator, and his calm demeanor helped us to comfortably move through what can be a stressful and emotional process.  We always felt John was working in our best interests,and we never felt pressured. 

We enjoyed working with John on the purchase of our boat, and have continued to stay in contact with him to solicit his advice on various issues.  We are enjoying our boat, and after spending two summers cruising in the San Juan's and Gulf Islands we've moved her to San Francisco and are preparing to head to Mexico in 2020. 

Our experience using John as our broker was very positive, and we would recommend him to others who are in the market for a good boat.  

Bill and Sally Andrew
Owners, Hylas 54

My wife and I decided we wanted to spend time in our retirement cruising.  We knew we were not interested in sailing and were looking for something large enough for my wife to live on during the last years of her employment in the San Francisco Bay area.  We also wanted the ability to take our grown kids on weekend trips.  Therefore, it didn’t take us long to realize that what we were looking for would be around 50 ft.  We wanted 3 staterooms; baths with separate enclosed showers; duel engines; a functional engine room; and a hull design I can take out the Gate not just up the Delta.

We spent two years researching, and looking for a boat that fit our demands, taste and budget.  The first day we walked on to our Navigator 51, we were in love.  The open layout with the great visibility and functional design fit our needs/tastes perfectly. We had seen poorer workmanship on many higher priced boats. It took me an hour to get my wife off the boat the first time.  This is when we first met John Kuony of Cruising Yachts, Inc.

We found John to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and sincere throughout the buying and delivery process.  We took off shore delivery at buoy 8 and I took the boat up to the Puget Sound Area to save the sales tax.  In addition, this was a big step for us, moving from outboards on lakes into a 51ft twin engine cruiser.  I doubt most sales people would have ever provided us as good as service, guidance and friendship as we received from John.

After bringing the boat back to the San Francisco Bay area, my wife spent several years living on the boat.  During that time we accompanied John on several cruise outs around San Francisco Bay, Half Moon Bay, Sacramento delta, and Petaluma.

We found that even after the sale John was always a pleasure to be around and willing to spend time with us.  Anytime we needed information or help, John always went out of his way to be there.  

After LaRae retired, we moved to the Puget Sound and live on Whidbey Island, WA.  One of the few regrets we had at moving to the Pacific North West was not being able to cruise with John anymore.  

I had a friend up here in Washington who was looking for a boat and he found a boat on-line in the San Francisco Bay area that looked interesting.  I phoned John and asked him if he could check the boat out before my friend spent the time and effort to travel to the Bay Area.  John, knowing there was no sale for him, checked out the boat and reported his findings directly with my friend.

John has a knack for building and maintaining strong, enduring friendships and we consider him a friend and we are so thankful for all his help over the years.  We have always said that if we should decide to upgrade the first person we will call will be John.

Now that John has moved to the East coast, we sincerely hope our paths will cross again.

Bruce and LaRae Brown
Owners, Navigator 51

We bought our first sailboat from John. We had only sailed a few times and fell in love with being on the water. We test drove many boats but John helped us select the right size for us and our travels. Being completely new at this, John showed us how to work everything. He went to the store with us to select our supplies for the boat. He knew of a amazing sailor who we hired to teach us how to sail around the bay. Anytime we had a question or concern John always answered his phone and walked us through it or sent someone to help us fix or adjust the boat. John set us up to succeed and enjoy our new boat. We consider John a great salesperson and a wonderful friend and person.

Jeff and Shelby Fautt
Owners, Jeanneau 409

John Kuony helped to guide us in the purchase of our 50’ sloop. Our first read of him being a trustworthy individual was spot on. He proved his worth in helping us to realize and achieve our cruising dream. This mans knowledge and word is to be trusted. When business is done he is still a pleasant fellow to know. 

Were commend him highly. 5 stars.

Dan and Heather Rhodes
Owners, Hunter 50

Purchasing a boat is more than a financial transaction, it’s also involves emotion. One of those emotions is trust. John developed that with us through communication, diligence & honest concern for what we wanted.

Mike and Val Gerhart
Owners, Caliber 40 LRC Red Sky

So you want some comments on our experience in working with you:

Well, first and foremost, you're a gentleman. You listen, and you are thoughtful and polite and you treat the wife with the same respect as the husband. Not all boat brokers can say that. But even better, you're a real person with common sense and the willingness to share. Not only do you know your stuff, but you are candid and thorough and most helpful. In addition, you provide the best service. Not only do you arrange all the purchase and sales details, but you follow up afterwards. When I forgot to do my bottom job, or to change a zinc, or to replace a worn fitting that the surveyor warned about, you were on it. You watched over me and my boat and kept us both in good shape. But above all else; you've got deal brain.That's the quality that's possessed only by the rare few who actually make the overwhelming majority of all the sales. The rest don't count. When we made an offer on a boat with multiple owners who couldn't agree, you pursued it until you made the deal. When it came time to sell, you conscientiously helped us get the price right, and bingo, the deal was done in days. We worked with many brokers, and we've never been happier than when we worked with you!

So there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it; and best of luck to you in your new passage in life. Regards, Merle

Merle and Bonnie Hall
Owners, Jeanneau 49DS

John is an absolute expert and helped us narrow down our search for our dream boat.  We have been sailing for over 40 years, and this was by far the best buying and selling experience of our lives. John’s purity and commitment to his loyal customers is unparalleled.  From the very beginning it was immediately clear that we chose the right person to partner with on our search.  John took us out for a test sail in San Diego on a Jeanneau 469 and led the campaign from soup to nuts of procuring, outfitting, rigging, and transportation of the boat to San Francisco.  At the same time, he very quickly and efficiently found us a buyer for our J120. The entire experience was “white glove” AAA service.  To this day, I reach out to John from Sausalito CA with questions about the boat, service professionals, or general questions about our cruising needs. 

Eric and Christy Chin
Owners, Jeanneau 469 / J120

I have shopped for or purchased more boats than I care to admit and thus dealt with a number of brokers.  There is an inherent conflict of interest when a professional represents both parties involved in a transaction.  This is why purchasing a boat through John was such a unique experience. A broker exists to close sales and John’s professionalism facilitates that end but there was also no question John was equally interested in ensuring the boat was right for us as the buyer and providing frank advice on condition, value and transactional details.

John is refreshingly responsive. This particular boat was at the lower end of the dollar scale but John actually answered his phone or if not, every time I sent an email, text or left a message I got a timely response.    

When we relocated from California to the east coast I was delighted to find John was moving to Maine and I asked to him assist us in finding our “retirement boat.” The process took months as I rejected boat after boat - even one which went through survey.  Nonetheless John kept patiently providing candidates and advice until we finally found the right boat and we are delighted with the choice.

Most brokers are boaters but few have the John’s depth of experience and knowledge of boats and systems.  I have experienced his seamanship first hand in a three day gale and that experience has tremendous value whether you are a buyer or seller.  

Whether buying or selling I highly recommend John Kuony.

Allen and Nancy Stegall
Owners, C&C 44

A Great Purchase and a Great Sale 

A few years ago, my wife and I wanted to move up to a larger and better sailboat in Alameda, California. We were fortunate to meet John Kuony who was selling boats at a brokerage in Alameda and it was like meeting a new friend. John’s knowledge and demeanor was just what we needed as there are a lot of things that can go wrong during the purchase of a six figure yacht. John showed us several boats and was very patient with us through the process. John helped us purchase an amazing Beneteau 423 and guided us through the survey, haul out, and proper documentation process of buying.

When it became time to sell our Beneteau, we knew exactly who to talk to and John sold our boat very quickly and got us a great deal. The buyer was also very pleased and felt very comfortable with this whole process. We remain in contact with John to this day and we hope to visit John and Jeanine in their new home in Maine.

Stu and Julie Hill
Owner's Beneteau 423

I first met John at a cruising sailboat show more than a dozen years ago. Since that day, he has become my most trusted boating colleague, mentor and friend. In anticipation of my retirement, John spent countless hours helping me settle on the characteristics of a sailing yacht best suiting my wants and needs and then found me a perfect 46' sloop. After that purchase, John referred to me to the absolute best people for boat survey, insurance, marine electronics, rigging and engine mechanics to ready the yacht for blue water cruising. John continued to assist me with encouragement and advice at every turn until I realized my retirement dream and sailed from California to Hawaii. Himself a lifetime sailor and cruiser, John knows sailing and sailboats, and is generous with that knowledge. He cares deeply about his clients, their safety, satisfaction, happiness and success. I wouldn't buy a boat without him.

Jonathan Netzer
Owner, Hunter 466

I met John Kuony when he represented the seller of a sailboat and I was the buyer.  This is the kind of situation where we can have opposing interests, but I came to really appreciate John’s negotiating skills, attention to detail, honesty, and setting of expectations.  I look forward to a day when John can represent my interests in a similar way!

Gina White
Owner, Hanse 341

John, Dinah & Roger - I just wanted to thank you all for your guidance in our purchase of Gato Gordo. John - you, of course, have been especially helpful & knowledgeable from day one and a true pleasure to work with. Roger & Dinah - coming to Rachel’s aid at the boatyard was above and beyond. We could not have imagined a better experience. Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Matt Moskal and Rachel Vincent
Owners, Catalina 350

John,  I just want to thank you and your wife for doing such a great job in handling the sale of Amazing Grace in a very short period of time.  

When Jen Mathews recommended you, we knew it would be a very good decision .  You’re very professional and honest.  Thank you!

Remy and Cal Watson
Owners, Sea Ranger 42

When I decided to part ways with my Hunter 36, I only made one call.   John had been the seller's listing broker when I purchased the boat and it became clear to me during that purchase process that his knowledge of Hunters was unmatched in the Bay Area.   If you are looking for someone to get your boat on the market in a week "As Is", John is not your guy.   While the boat was well maintained, John has connections to a talented network of low cost repair workers that were able to get the boat to near Bristol condition over the course of several weeks.  While it required a little upfront investment, this approach shortened the time on the market and enabled us to get a price close to ask and at the high end of the comps.  If you are looking for a talented and highly knowledgeable broker to provide a turnkey solution to maximize sale value on your sailboat, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John.  While I haven't used him on a purchase, I am certain his knowledge and eye for detail would benefit any buyer equally.

David King
Owner, Hunter 356

It was a pleasure to work with John Kuony to acquire my boat. He has been flawless throughout the whole process. Evidently, I did not trust him in the first place – this is my character and he noticed it. He proved me wrong, as he has been a transparent and professional adviser, extremely knowledgeable. I can only recommend him, a true class act.

Alain Andreoli
Owner, 2009 Hunter 36

My wife and I purchased a yacht seven years ago, January 2013 and our broker was John Kuony. We had not worked with other brokers prior to buying this yacht, so we had no idea how exceptional John would prove to be not only during the purchase process but ever since. John's experience makes him the perfect "go to" guy should we have any question regarding our yacht covering a broadscale from trouble shooting a simple fix to navigating replacement parts and finding qualified third party experts to address electronics, refrigeration,rigging and engine maintenance. We have always felt welcome to reach out to John for anything and he has always immediately responded to each and every inquiry. John has proven to be more than just someone who sold a person a boat. He has become family.

John sifted through a wide variety of yachts to insure he found us the yacht of our dreams.

Captain Rod and Captain Alison Mayer
Owners, Jeanneau 49SO

Dear John, Thank you so much for support and diplomacy during our recent sale of Mind Designs.  You made the process less painful for Jack and I with your patience and tact.  We both want to express our thanks for a job well done.  We will stop by the office for sure every so often.

Jack and Linda Buday
Owners, Hunter 41

It’s been quite a while since I have dropped you a line. I am using most of my spare time prepping and refinishing the bright work on Magic. And, I must say she is the most beautiful Sailing Yacht at Salpare Bay and possibly in the Portland area. 2 1/2 years later and I have no regrets and am forever thankful for your guidance thru the process. Plans for the summer are to sail Magic up to the San Juan’s for 2 weeks and finally just relax a bit. I haven’t taken any real time of since we sailed Magic up from SF in May of ’14. I will send pictures.

John Tichenor
Owner, Gulfstar 50

My hat is off to Mr. John Kuony and all the good folks at Cruising Yachts. In particular Mr. Kuony is the "professional's professional", not only having vast knowledge in regard to all aspects of boats, he demonstrated extraordinary patience as I became interested in a variety of boats over a course of almost half a year. Never pushy and always understanding, I was pleased and even comforted to have him on top of every aspect of the boat buying process. Clearly John and the Cruising Yachts family have set the standard for brokerage yachts and I look forward to having John represent my boating needs for years and decades to come.

Thomas De Doncker
Owner, Hanse 341

Dear John - I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for the exceptional level of service, support and assistance during the purchase of our 42' Hunter Passage, "Uncorked" (under the new name). It was a pleasure working with you during a very busy time of the year, which presented some additional challenges that were easily overcome due to your diligence and consistent communication. You provided a level of professionalism and expertise that allowed us to keep on track with the details of the transaction and purchase of the yacht. You have a great sense of the customer’s needs and you were always ready to provide alternative ideas and solutions to the many different decisions we confronted throughout the process.

Cathy and I really appreciate the time and energy you dedicated during the entire process to ensure our needs were met. You truly exceeded our expectations and we would recommend your services to anyone looking to purchase or sell a boat. Most of all, I feel a real re-connection with the boating industry and look forward to sharing our much-anticipated boating journey's with you. Great seeing you on the SF Bay, keep in touch. Thank you for making our yacht search and purchase of Uncorked a wonderful experience.

Ted and Cathy Hartman
Owners, Uncorked – 42’ Hunter Passage

I want to take this time to acknowledge John Kuony and his exceptional qualities as a member of your sales staff. I can't say enough about John and the way he went above and beyond through the entire process of buying my boat. Please recognize John for his exceptional customer service and attention to every detail imaginable throughout my sailboat purchase. As a business owner myself, I wanted to let you know just how lucky you are to have John as a member of your team.

Gary Santoro
Owner, Hunter 36

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about my recent purchase of a new Hunter 45DS. I worked with John Kuony in your Alameda office. John has been a joy to work with and made my wife's and my first major sailboat purchase a complete dream! John was extremely understanding, knowledgeable, and was not pushy. We worked with other folks and even went to Florida but with no other broker did we feel confident that there would be a positive post sales experience. Thank you.

Rob and Kim Toner
Owners, Hunter 45DS

I spent the day with Patrick, a new Jeanneau 439 owner. He was overwhelmed with the boat and how well he was treated by John Kuony and Cruising Yachts. You made a very happy client. We did some sail handling, tacks and gybes, close quarters motoring and docking. We ended up in his new Sausalito slip surrounded by well-wishers and drinking some fine Danish brew John was able to stock in his fridge. I too, was impressed by the level of service exhibited by John and from all at Cruising Yachts. I've worked with quite a few dealerships over the years as a delivery skipper. However, none of them compare to you guys!

Arnstein Mustad
Delivery Skipper and Sailing Instructor

We wanted to tell you about the wonderful experience we had buying our new sailboat from Cruising Yachts and, in particular, in working with John Kuony in your Alameda office.

John was fantastic to work with and was completely willing to proceed at a pace that suited us. In working with John over a couple of years of time we decided on a Caliber as the right boat for us and, from that point on, you would have thought that John was buying his own Caliber. He had many good suggestions and when he accompanied us on a tour of the Caliber factory we felt that he was going over a checklist of items for his own boat. The owner of Caliber remarked that he had never met a broker as detailed and particular as John.

The bottom line is that John is a rare gem and the type of person that doesn't come along very often. He is a fantastic salesman - and now a good friend.

Alan & Elizabeth Baggs
Owners, Caliber 40LRC

I’d like to take a moment to let you how much I appreciate your help and guidance throughout my search and purchase of my Hunter 41DS. You were always available and quick to reply with answers to all of my questions, weekends included, and you always did so with a genuine and friendly attitude. I can’t thank you enough for your advice and guidance in dealing with the sale of my old boat as well. I have no doubt that your advice was responsible in helping me attain a quicker sale and higher sales price. I especially appreciate your support in helping me retain a positive attitude through both buying and selling processes. I found your boat knowledge and sales experience to be beyond compare to anyone I met during my search. You were able to turn what I thought was just a dream, into a reality, and I thank you so much!

Daniel Smith
Owner, Hunter 41DS

John Kuony is so good at his job he made me want to become a Yacht Broker! I've resisted the move into sales several times in my career because I wasn't sure I could sell something I didn't truly believe in but  what better than Yachts to sell? Yeah right! Like all consummate professionals, John has that delicate skill of making the complicated seem effortless. Now if only I also had his decades of Yachting experience and vast network of contacts! John is the master of the 'soft sell'. On a number of occasions during my purchase I spent way more than I planned to (without regret) because John laid out the options, matter of fact, logically making the case for what he would do in my position and how I would be saving money in the long term by not cutting corners. If you are lucky enough that John crossed your path during your Yacht purchase or sale, make the smart move and get him on your side.

John and Mercedes Kennedy
Owners, Beneteau 363