As a Yacht Consultant, John brokers New and Pre-Owned cruising vessels. He also provides expert guidance to his clients regarding Sailing and the Cruising Lifestyle. A good listener at heart, John is willing to play devil’s advocate to ensure his clients have assessed their options and are purchasing a yacht based upon attributes that are truly important to them.

A US Coast Guard Captain, John has logged over 40,000 miles at sea running private and charter yachts on the East Coast from as far north as the Canadian Maritimes to as far south as Trinidad and on the West Coast from the Pacific Northwest to Mexico. This time at sea has helped him to hone his knowledge and skills in dealing with Mother Nature’s calm and fury,including squalls and violent thunderstorms. His experiences add to the level of expertise and passion John provides to clients when selecting the appropriate boat and equipment to fulfill their dreams.

Before becoming a yacht consultant, John was a in sales management with two of the worlds top digital printing companies, selling digital printing systems to leading A&E, Healthcare, and Educational institutions. In brokering yachts, he most enjoys assisting clients with the discovery and investigative process to determine which vessel best suits their intended use, along with exposing them to a supportive boating community and sailing events.

“Watching clients realize their dream of embarking on the Cruising Lifestyle is a very gratifying experience. I have a myriad of clients who are out sailing the oceans of the world on yachts that I assisted them in finding, designing, and outfitting.” John is a member of the Portland Yacht Club - Falmouth, Maine, and the Cinder Creek Yacht Club - Johns Island, South Carolina.